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[v5.133] WinCHM Pro – Celebrated CHM help file creator & converter

Whenever talking about making the classic and enduring CHM format of eBook/user manual for all kinds of software/hardware products, we have to mention the well-known WinCHM Pro. It not only allows user to make helpfile start by editing HTML files, also supports directly convert any existing scattered HTML files into an integrated CHM file.

Zeal – AIO offline API documentation browser for Win & Lin

Zeal is a free and open source offline documentation browser specially designed for programmers/coders on Windows and Linux. It's inspired from Dash on Mac OS X, developed using Qt, simple but efficient, enables you to instantly access 170+ offline API documentation sets with ease.

htm2chm – Convert saved HTML pages into a single CHM file

htm2chm is a very practical CHM file (Microsoft Compiled HTML Help) creator, compiler, editor and decompiler I found a few years ago when searched "convert flash into CHM" in Google. At that time, I wanted to pack a flash file along with its related documents (HTML, TXT, ZIP, etc) as a CHM format e-book, so that I can take it anywhere.