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[v8.4] Hotkeycontrol – Customize and create Windows hotkeys

[v8.4] Hotkeycontrol – Customize and create Windows hotkeys

Since Logitech first started producing all kinds of multimedia keyboards, the keyboard has transformed into a console with all sorts of system functions from the original pure-text input tool. But most of our keyboards do not come with these convenient function keys, such as volume control keys, media play keys, etc. So is it possible to modify the default keyboard keys to support launching/calling the system functions? The answer is yes.

moveAddict – Take Windows’ Ctril+C/X/V shortcuts to Mac OS X

Mac OS uses the method of drag & drop to achieve the function of cut/paste files by default. As to keyboard shortcuts operation, it only supports for simple content such as text or image, and is invalid to the Finder file manager. But many users turned to Mac OS X from Windows have been accustomed to use shortcuts to operate computer, as a result, this undoubtedly becomes very inconvenient (under Windows, Ctril + C/X/V is so efficient).

ClipX – Best free clipboard enhancing tool

Almost every day we need to repeat copying/pasting operations countlessly, yet the Windows built-in clipboard can only hold one record every time, and disappears immediately after shutdown; Storing them in a plain text document does not support multimedia file formats; Using Office document instead, neither does that support shortcut link and other special formats, nor the multimedia typesetting format is easy to control in style; In particular, separating text content and media files is always not a good idea.

HotkeyP – Hotkeys & Shortcuts Terminator

HotkeyP is a small (~230 KB) but powerful macros and hotkeys creating utility. With it we can build all kinds of macro commands and set up various program hotkeys, to carry out the usual operations, such as shutdown, restart, lock your computer; open a file, run a program, empty the recycle bin, delete temporary files and so on, we can all set some hotkeys so as to achieve some operation with one key.