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Pure APK Install – Direct install APK/XAPK to Android devices from Windows

Pure APK Install – Direct install APK/XAPK to Android devices from Windows

At present, there have been many desktop software on the market which can help you direct download and install APK files to Android devices from computer. However, they have at least two faults in common: keeps resident in the system background, and takes up a lot of system resources. For these reasons, Pure APK Install stood out!

Silent Install Helper – Unattended software batch installer

For a new/clean Windows, one of things you have to do is to download and install all the commonly used software one by one and step by step, which is a very boring and time-consuming process. So, we want to know whether there is a way that can fulfil this task (batch installation of software) without manual intervention. The answer is yes, there are many such kinds of tools, and one of them is Silent Install Helper (SIH for short).

[v4.5.0] Silent Install Builder – Build one-click automatic installer for batch software

For system administrators or advanced computer users, most often, we need to quickly and efficiently deploy/install the same one or a set of software (especially all kinds of necessary system components, such as: Visual C++ Redistributable Packages, DirectX End-User Runtimes, Microsoft .NET Framework, Microsoft XNA Framework Redistributable...) on many computers. This kind of need can be met by a technique called software installation automation (AKA: unattended install or silent install).

Universal USB Installer – Easiest and faster way to install Window, Linux OS

For junior or senior computer users, operation system reinstallation is often a necessary but trouble thing (such as: no OS installation disk; laptop without CD/DVD ROM; too long installation time ...). But from now on, you do not have to think of installing your computer OS using the outdated CD/DVD, just remember one tool - Universal USB Installer!