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Slam Dunk all video game ROMs + Emulators in one place

Slam Dunk all video game ROMs + Emulators in one place

As is known to all, Slam Dunk is Inoue Takehiko (井上雄彦)'s master manga work. Accordingly, many game works with the same name emerged at the right moment. But there are mainly 3 Slam Dunk games are celebrated, that is: the version on SNES/SFC (Super Family Computer) platform with cartoon style; the most popular version on Sega Mega Drive console; and the totally orthodox sports game version for MAME with the highest playability.

clrmamepro – Most popular video game ROM manager

If you often play emulator based video games on computer, then you must find a problem: many games (ROM) couldn't be recognized any more in the wake of version update of its emulator; or there are several versions for only one game to adapt to different versions of its emulator. In this case, we often feel overwhelmed about those more and more collected game ROMs: just delete them, a little loath to give up; just leave them there, that is to keep a pile of repeated and large junk files on computer.

MAME Plus! – GUI variant edition of MAME with fastest ROM auditing speed

The official MAME is an application based on all platforms, for Windows it only runs in a classic DOS/CMD window. So this has given rise to many GUI front-end tools and derived editions based on MAME. Although MAME is still the best multi-console arcade machine emulator with the most exuberant vitality in the history of video game machine emulators, what made it is just those many variant editions.

MAME32 Plus! Plus! – Best modified GUI edition of MAME with fast audit

First you should know one thing - MAME32 Plus! Plus! is equivalent to a secondary-strengthened edition of MAME32. It has super fast emulation speed and pretty good compatibility that any emulator under the same series (GUI edition of MAME) can't catch up with. The most obvious one point is you will find its game check/audit speed is several times of (or even dozens) MAMEUI32 or MAME32 Plus!.