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Streamlet WarKey – Popular and smart key mapper for Warcraft III

Streamlet WarKey – Popular and smart key mapper for Warcraft III

Streamlet WarKey (AKA: xlWarKey, 溪流 WarKey) is a popular key mapping and HP showing tiny app specially designed for Blizzard Entertainment's classic series of great game work - Warcraft III. It was written in C++ by Streamlet from China. Compared with similar software on the market, its advantages are very obvious. We recommend Warcraft fan players to give it a try.

[v3.0.20] Port Forward Network Utilities – Configure router, setup static IP and forward ports with ease

Above all things, you have to know what port forwarding/port mapping is. Port forwarding refers to the mechanism of packets forwarding. Its essence is firewall's configuration strategy. But its function mainly focuses on packets forwarding, in order to achieve the purpose of operating specific packages (IP address parsing and filtering based on destination port number). As a consequence, it is generally taken out as an independent concept.

[v6.0 B] JoyToKey – Use joystick to emulate keyboard & mouse inputs

JoyToKey (AKA: Joy2Key) is a keyboard/mouse-to-game controllers (i.e.: joystick/joypad) input emulating/mapping tiny app from Japan. With this tool's help, we can operate many Windows software (especially play all kinds of online/offline games that originally does not support gamepad control at all) using our favorite game handles in hand.