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[v16.8.1] EmEditor Professional Portable Full versions download

EmEditor Professional can completely replace the Windows built-in Notepad, developed by Japanese Emurasoft Inc, it's famous for lightweight, agile and its powerful, rich. So that hold many users' high praise. Originally released in 1997, and is still in the sustainable development.

[v3.2.5] Clover – Give File Explorer multi-tab feature to maximize taskbar space

I believe that most of us are used to using all kinds of browsers (especially for Google Chrome) with the "Multiple Tabs" feature, the convenience given to us gose without saying. So, do you want to give your current File Explorer/Windows Explorer a Chrome-style shell, just like using Google Chrome browser and enjoy its multi-tab benefit? Clover would be your Windows Explorer wings!

Portable Editions of All Web Browsers in one place

Portable Editions of All Web Browsers in one place

Web browser, as a must-have tool for computer with Internet connection, needless to say its importance. Meanwhile, the benefits of its portable versions are self-evident. This is a collection type of post, within which AppNee will make and release the portable editions (on Windows only) of all web browsers' latest versions - as long as it's a web browser that supports English language and keeps updating, we don't care about which country it comes from or who made it.

[v2.2.0] LogViewer Pro – Handy and fast large log file viewer

Most of ordinary users rarely pay attention to the log file generated by any software or system, but for advanced users or system, network administrators, log file is particularly important and helpful. Problem is, using common text editors is not or barely able to open those usually huge log files (in MB, GB), and always very slow!