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Wireless Network Watcher – Check who are using your wireless/wired network

Wireless Network Watcher – Check who are using your wireless/wired network

Two possible situations make you want to take a look at the users information in your local area network (LAN):

The speed of Internet connection becomes slower and slower, and it was no use giving many tries like modifying DNS, optimizing network

To check whether there is a potential attacker

This time, we can use Wireless Network Watcher - a tiny and free local wireless/wired network connection scanner & viewer from NirSoft.

RunAsDate – Run a program only in specified date/time

RunAsDate is a tiny tool developed to eliminate the limitation on use time of many shareware before registration, in order to make them keep in the state of trial all along, never expire. We can understand it like this: RunAsDate can 'freeze' a shareware with trial mode, and make it always run at a specific date/time every time it starts. In this way, we can make a trial software long live the new flesh.

HTTPNetworkSniffer – Capture and display HTTP request/response package for website analysis

You may be very clear about which websites your web browser is visiting, but how about the URLs your commonly used programs are accessing? Without a tool, we would lose our bearings about this. Luckily, there is HTTPNetworkSniffer such kind of network packets sniffer, so we can get these hidden information with ease.

WebBrowserPassView – Find lost username & password stored in web browsers

WebBrowserPassView is a tiny freeware made by Nir Sofer, used to view almost any account information (URL, account and password) of any websites stored in all major browsers. Certainly, passwords for e-currency payment such as these with complex encryption can not be viewed here, they are unreadable code at most.