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Devart dbForge Studio for SQL Server/MySQL/Oracle Full Setup & Unlock Patch

Devart dbForge Studio for SQL Server/MySQL/Oracle Full Setup & Unlock Patch

Devart's dbForge Studio is a series of database server all-in-one software from Czech Republic. It can help database developers and administrators efficiently fulfill any complex routine tasks on three primary RDBMS (relational database management system): Microsoft SQL ServerMySQL and Oracle Database.

[v5.2.6] Database Workbench – Single IDE for complete database development

Database Workbench is a powerful and comprehensive database application developed by Upscene Productions for database developers and administrators. It offers a single development environment for developing/managing multiple types of relational database engines using SQL.

[v11.2.16] Navicat Premium – Award-winning universal database manager

[v11.2.16] Navicat Premium – Award-winning universal database manager

Navicat Premium is an award-winning universal database managing tool that is enough to meet professional database developers' all requirements. In particular, for newcomers to database servers, it is also quite easy to learn and use.

EZDML – Handy and lightweight database table structure designer

EZDML is a free lightweight but practical database builder from China, with which we can quickly design a database table structure, and set up the data model. To a certain extent, we can see it as a super lite version of many commonly used database modeling tools (such as SAP PowerDesigner, CA ERwin, ER/Studio, Rational Rose family, and so on).

The Database Hacker’s Handbook CHM, HD PDF download

The Database Hacker's Handbook is another top-quality book after The Shellcoder's Handbook, in which 4 world's top security experts will teach you how to intrude and defend 7 kinds of today's most popular database servers hand by hand. Moreover, you will deeply learn how to use active defense against invasion.

VirtualBox – Best virtual machine freeware

VirtualBox (now, its full name should be Oracle VM VirtualBox) is a powerful cross-platform, open-source and x86-based virtual machine (VM) software. It allows users to virtual other x86-based operating systems on 32-bit or 64-bit Windows, Solaris and Linux operating systems, that is to say, the user can install and run Solaris, Windows, DOS, Linux, OS/2 Warp, OpenBSD or FreeBSD system as the client operating system in VirtualBox.