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[PSX] Sangoku Musou ROM + Emulator download

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Sangoku Musou (AKA: 三國無双, Dynasty Warriors, Sangokumusō) is a classic 3D fighting video game based on the story and figures of one of Chinese four greatest masterpieces (Four Great Classical Novels) – Romance of the Three Kingdoms. It was published by KOEI for PlayStation (PSOne) platform in 1997, pretty old but classic.

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[PSX] LEGEND ROM + Emulator download

LEGEND (AKA: Knights of Carnage) is a classic ACT game on PlayStation console, ever been planed to release as Knights of Carnage in North American. About 8 years ago I played this game by chance on a PSone console for TV, I like it not only because its rareness and 3D graphics, but also because its old (retro) but cool action design.

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Sams Teach Yourself PHP in 10 Minutes HD PDF, CHM

Don’t doubt what can be done, learned in short 10 minutes. Actually, Sams Teach Yourself‘s In 10 Minutes series of books had proved this point. In 10 minutes, we can master a lot of practical technologies.
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