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[v3.40.03] V-Ray for 3ds Max 2009~2017 Full Installers + Unlocked Files

In this post, AppNee will keep releasing all available updates to V-Ray for 3ds Max, which are VR-ready and completely compatible with Autodesk's 3ds Max 2009~2017. What we provides you here are the V-Ray full Installers, registered DLL files (cgauth.dll, vray20xx.dll, vray20xx.of, or unlock patcher) along with detailed installation notes for 64-bit of Windows only.

[v3.30.01] V-Ray for Maya 2014 ~ 2016 Full Installers + Unlocked DLLs

V-Ray is a series of professional rendering plugins/standalone apps developed by Chaos Group company. Of which, V-Ray for Maya provides high-quality graphics and animation rendering capabilities for the excellent 3D modeling software Maya. Beyond that, V-Ray also can be run as a separate renderer, which is convenient for users to render various images.

VUE xStream – Realistic and natural environment creating & rendering tool

VUE xStream – Realistic and natural environment creating & rendering tool

VUE xStream (called VUE for short) is a three-dimensional landscape designing & producing software specially designed for artists and illustrators. It can perfectly work with 3ds Max, Maya, LightWave, Cinema 4D, Softimage and other 3D rending tools, so as to simulate all kinds of very lifelike natural environments. For example: Terrains, Vegetation, Ecosystem, Atmospheres, Natural Elements, Lighting, etc.

[v6.0] Rhino – Super powerful and lightweight 3D modeling tool

Rhino (full name: Rhinoceros, AKA: Rhino3D) is a lightweight but extremely powerful advanced 3D modeling tool with a lot less hardware configuration requirements. Don't dismiss it, because it contains all the NURBS (Non-Uniform Rational B-Spline) modeling functions. As a matter of fact, many users often use it to perform modeling, and then export high-precision models for other 3D software to use.