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WebEx Recording Editor – Commercial-grade screen recorder with best performance & tiny file size

WebEx Recording Editor (formerly called WebEx Recorder and Player) is a little-known but extremely excellent commercial-grade, high-quality free screen action recording tool. It can record full-screen or specified window, allows to set whether to contain the sound or not. In particular, the size of recording file generated by WebEx Recording Editor is almost the smallest with unexpectedly clear and smooth playing effect (basically lossless). Moreover, the whole recording process only takes up very little system resource.

Wink – Popular freeware tutorial and DEMO creator

If wanta capture the screen picture, you can get it by using the "Print Screen" key easily, or use the capture software similar to SnagIt to capture. But if you want to record down the computer operation screens in Windows, how to do that? Or you want to get some computer operation steps recorded into a instructional film or a Flash file, so use which kind of software will be more convenient?