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[v7.8.8] SuperRam – Intelligently free wasted memory to make your PC run faster

No waste is saving! PGWARE's SuperRam applied this principle to memory management. By releasing the memory of unused applications, it speeds up the using programs furthest, such as to achieve the purpose of accelerating your PC.

[v1.3] Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro – Everyone can be a time-lapse photography master

[v1.3] Microsoft Hyperlapse Pro – Everyone can be a time-lapse photography master

As an exposure technique in time-lapse photography (a photography technique presenting fast moving things), hyperlapse is extremely good at time compression, which can compress a long-time changed thing and then show it in a very short period of time. Because of this kind of offbeat presenting mode coming with great performance tension, most often we can see it in a variety of films and television works.

AVG PC TuneUp – Get a faster, cleaner, longer lasting PC

TuneUp Utilities was originally a heavyweight, humanized and easy-to-use system cleaning, optimizing, repairing & maintaining utility (software suite) for Windows with a long history of development (started in 1997) from Germany. After acquired by AVG Technologies (formerly Grisoft from Czech Republic) from Netherlands in 2011, it was renamed to AVG PC TuneUp.

Copy Handler – File/folder copying and moving full-control

Copy Handler is a copying/moving enhancement application, in addition to accelerating the file copying/moving speed, it also provides the pause-and-resume capability (e.g. if there is a sudden interruption in the process of copying/moving, then when you open Copy Handler next time, it will continue to finish the last transfer without any impact), intelligent copying, customizable multi-source copying and so on.