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[v8.6.2] Ekahau Site Survey – Expert Wi-Fi networks design & analysis

[v8.6.2] Ekahau Site Survey – Expert Wi-Fi networks design & analysis

Wireless network is rapidly developing and popularizing, and for enterprises, it is becoming more and more important. But if ever you managed or arranged a large-scale wireless local area network (WLAN), you should know that it is such a complicated and knotty work. Usually, we need a lot of tools to help analyze and solve the key problems on Wi-Fi performance. And Ekahau Site Survey (ESS for short, AKA: Site Survey & Planner) is the best WiFi management solution among similar software.

Process Monitor – Microsoft’s official real-time process monitor and manager

Process Monitor is an advanced Windows OS and application monitoring tool (equivalent of Filemon + Regmon), specially designed for system troubleshooting and malware hunting for experienced users. It's released in the excellent Windows Sysinternals, and offered by Microsoft TechNet, so its accuracy and reliability are needless to say.

Sysinternals Suite – Microsoft official free practical tool set

Sysinternals Suite is a tool set originally developed by Winternals company for internal use, aimed at resolving all sorts of problems that engineers might encounter in their usual work. Later it was placed on the Internet for free downloads, and some tools also opened source. Till today, Sysinternals has long been popular with high praise in the IT industry.