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SumatraPDF – Small and fast multi-format universal eBook reader

Software's size and function are growing with each passing day, yet those small ones are always welcome by users. Foxit Reader and PDF-XChange Viewer have taken over the market of the bulky Adobe Reader at one time, but they also gradually lost the original lightsome look in the process of commercialization. In this trend, only SumatraPDF is still faithful to its original faith!

XnView – Cross-platform freeware image viewer

XnView – Cross-platform freeware image viewer

About the third-party image browser in our PC, a lot of us may know the ACDSee, although it is really very strong, unfortunately, it not only costs too much, but also is too big with not many functions, and the key point is that we do not have to use it to view pictures. Because some other app is free for use and even more powerful than ACDSee.

Universal Extractor – Not like setup, make them portable

Nowadays installing the software has become a very scary thing, i believe everyone is weary of the Bound Setup Mode of many applications, accidentally your computer becomes a farm for all kinds of malicious software,  so no one doesn't like the portable, installation-free ones. The software's author seldom does this, but we can do it ourselves, just use a very well-known applet - Universal Extractor!