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Android-x86 – Install and run Android OS on PC or Live USB

Android-x86 (AKA: Android X86) is an unofficial Android Open Source Project (AOSP) started in 2009 by Chih-Wei Huang from Taiwan. The main purpose of this project is to provide a complete and feasible set of Android system solutions for X86 PC platform, including a whole set of source code tree, supporting documents, as well as Live CD and Live USB.

[v1.9.22] Universal Extractor Unofficial Repack version

This is the Universal Extractor (UniExtract) multilingual (34 languages) unofficial repacked (MOD) version made by Gora from Russia (OSzone forum). Its most important function is supporting auto-updating (also includes frequent program improvements). And the official version has stopped updating for a long time.

MAME Plus! – GUI variant edition of MAME with fastest ROM auditing speed

The official MAME is an application based on all platforms, for Windows it only runs in a classic DOS/CMD window. So this has given rise to many GUI front-end tools and derived editions based on MAME. Although MAME is still the best multi-console arcade machine emulator with the most exuberant vitality in the history of video game machine emulators, what made it is just those many variant editions.

Knights of Valour: Super Heroes Plus Hacked Edition ROM + Emulator

Knights of Valour: Super Heroes Plus Hacked Edition ROM + Emulator

Said in front, about game hacking, we want to say, it is neither tampering with nor stealing from the original work. Instead, that is a kind of expression from players' need, in order to bring different user experience and more fun for some game. In other words, the game hacking is not wasting a game but extending it without limit.

The IDA Pro Book, 1st & 2nd Edition HD PDF download

As the most widely used static disassembly tool, IDA Pro holds an important place in the IT field, but documentations about it have been few or imperfect and not in-depth enough for a very long time. The IDA Pro Book came out with help of the founder of IDA, which perfectly made up for the defects. For now, it can be regarded as the best (most accurate and comprehensive) unofficial guide for the world's most popular disassembler IDA.

MAME32 Plus! Plus! – Best modified GUI edition of MAME with fast audit

First you should know one thing - MAME32 Plus! Plus! is equivalent to a secondary-strengthened edition of MAME32. It has super fast emulation speed and pretty good compatibility that any emulator under the same series (GUI edition of MAME) can't catch up with. The most obvious one point is you will find its game check/audit speed is several times of (or even dozens) MAMEUI32 or MAME32 Plus!.