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WebBrowserPassView – Find lost username & password stored in web browsers

WebBrowserPassView is a tiny freeware made by Nir Sofer, used to view almost any account information (URL, account and password) of any websites stored in all major browsers. Certainly, passwords for e-currency payment such as these with complex encryption can not be viewed here, they are unreadable code at most.

Adblock Browser – Most popular ads blocker for mobile web browsers

For mainstream of desktop web browsers (Google's Chrome, Mozilla's Firefox, Microsoft's IE...), the most popular browser plug-in Adblock Plus has helped us thoroughly say goodbye to most annoying ads. Yet for mobile web browsers, Adblock Browser also became the virtual/actual pioneer mobile browser with ads shielding function for Android/iOS devices.

Portable Editions of All Web Browsers in one place

Portable Editions of All Web Browsers in one place

Web browser, as a must-have tool for computer with Internet connection, needless to say its importance. Meanwhile, the benefits of its portable versions are self-evident. This is a collection type of post, within which AppNee will make and release the portable editions (on Windows only) of all web browsers' latest versions - as long as it's a web browser that supports English language and keeps updating, we don't care about which country it comes from or who made it.

[Fixed] Google Chrome, Chromium Standalone Offline Installers AIO

We all know that Chrome has many editions, such as Stable Channel Chrome, Beta Channel Chrome, Dev Channel Chrome, Canary Build Chrome and Chromium, etc., however Google official only published the online installer for download, which may lead to the failure of installation for some countries and regions when they install Chrome online with the Google servers' no-response for a long time.

Waterfox – Fastest pure 64-bit and best alternative edition of firefox

Waterfox – Fastest pure 64-bit and best alternative edition of firefox

As everyone knows that Firefox's overladen and frequent update without substantial leaded to its performance worse and worse. In AppNee's opinion, if it's not Google's Chrome finally ends Mozilla's Firefox career, then it must be some half-blooded browser based on the same core kills it. Since Firefox 3.5, we haven't officially use it - just can't stand its fast increasing high resource usage, lower and lower performance and bigger and bigger file size.

Sleipnir – Ultimate luxury and customizable advanced web browser

If you are tired of the mainstream web browsers, you can try Sleipnir, one browser can provide users with highly customized functions (to change the browser's designs and settings according to requirements), a dual-core browser which is called the world's first in Japan. Sleipnir is more suitable for advanced users.