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[v2.70] IP-Tools – Award-winning network administrator TCP/IP utilities

As a network or website administrator, most often we need know everything quite well about the LAN or even WAN our hosts lying in. For example: the name of each computer in local network, network card address, IP address, shared resource, open ports; look up WHOIS information such as domain name, host provider, DNS... about some website in detail. For these, IP-Tools can become a good assistant for our network/Internet management.

[v10.4.28] iMacros – Instant browser automation, web testing and data extraction

iMacros, is referred to as IMS in the industry. As its name suggests, this is one tool related to the automation with macros. Initially, it was released as an add-on of Firefox, used to record the operation on a web page, so as to perform circular tasks in batch. But later, in the wake of increasing number of users, it got continuous updating, following more and more perfect functions. Today, it has become a very famous SEO edge tool.

Network Security Toolkit – Network security applications all-in-one Live CD

Network Security Toolkit – Network security applications all-in-one Live CD

For guy who wants to be a master of network (WAN/LAN, no matter it's black, red or white), without help of various off-the-shelf classical network utilities for multipurpose uses, I'm afraid your level will stay in the DOS era of last century forever. I mean, in that case, even it was you invented the whole Internet, you could not do anything interesting or exciting.

XAMPP – Fast and easily create working web server on localhost

As a matter of experience, many people (especially for personal webmasters) have deeply understood the installation of Apache server on localhost is definitely not an easy thing, not to mention adding a MySQL, PHP or Perl component, harder. Nevertheless, luckily there are tools similar to XAMPP integrate frequently-used development environments into one package.