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Exeinfo PE – Executable files’ packer/compressor/compiler detector

Exeinfo PE – Executable files' packer/compressor/compiler detector

Exeinfo PE is a popular and universal free analyzer & detector to executable files' packer/compressor/compiler, written in Delphi by A.S.L from Poland. It is capable of detecting 300+ binary data types (non EXE formats and more signatures on Ext_detector.dll) with info about how to open them via some free tool.

Microsoft Visual C++ 6.0 Standard, Professional Editions’ full installers with keys

First of all, if you are curious why we still adhered to release this outdated version, just think that's only for a few guys or use environments that still need it - just want to develop a simple desktop tool for lower versions of Windows platforms quickly, for example. So, if its not for the purpose of learning the Programming Windows, Fifth Edition, you don't need it any more!

Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows, 4th Edition HD PDF, CHM

Programming Applications for Microsoft Windows, 4th Edition is a treatise explaining the internal mechanism of Windows operating system. Meanwhile, it is also the well-deserved and unfailing bible for Windows programming. It's written by the esteemed Jeffrey Richter - the same author of another pinnacle work in the Windows programming field - Advanced Windows.

Cygwin – A complete simulation of UNIX environment

Cygwin – A complete simulation of UNIX environment

For beginners using Windows who are interested in the C/C++ language (anyway, you need to compile your C/C++ programs) or Linux embedded system development, the big headache is switching back and forth between Windows & Linux. Even you have to continuously reboot system in order to achieve the purpose, very troublesome. Cygwin just solved this problem.

Programming Windows, 5th & 6th Editions HD PDF, EPUB, CHM

Here, AppNee provides everyone the two most popular editions: Programming Windows, 5th Edition (published in 1998, 23 chapters, 1479 pages) and Programming Windows, 6th edition (published in 2012, 19 chapters, 1136 pages) of the classic Programming Windows series of books written by Charles Petzold and published by Microsoft Press (has been over 27 years). These ebooks are in HD PDF, EPUB and CHM formats, shared for beginners who want to learn the Windows program or application development.

Only best and comprehensive OllyDbg tutorial in CHM, HD PDF and DOC

Introduction to Cracking with OllyDbg from Scratch (Spanish: INTRODUCCION AL CRACKING CON OLLYDBG DESDE CERO) was written by Ricardo Narvaja (belongs to the mailing list CrackSLatinoS) from Spanish, who has written more than 2100+ tutorials about SoftICE (old course on Windows 98) and OllyDbg (new course on Windows XP). Believe us, it is the only most perfect, amazing tutorial about OllyDbg you can find on the whole Internet.