Take-Away USB Flashdisk NetScanner – Scan a whole range of LAN or WAN IP

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Take-Away USB Flashdisk NetScanner (ANA: TANetScanner) is a LAN/WAN network information scanner. It is able to scan the whole IP address fields, supports various protocols and disk types.

TANetScanner is specially designed for system or network administrators and technicians. The information can be obtained about each PC client/server on a whole range of IP includes: IP, Hostname, Ping info and running Services.

No installation needed. Just copy the program to your USB Flash disk or other removable devices and use it anywhere.

// Key Features //

  • Scans a whole range of IP’s
  • No installation. Just copy the program to your flashdisk and run it
  • Works with any type of removable media, like USB flashdisk, floppy, Zipdisk, Jazdisk and CD (RW)
  • Services you may scan includes FTP, TelNet, SMTP, HTTP, POP3, NetBIOS, MySQL, Terminalserver, VNC, PCAnywhere and NetOP
  • Include your own service including description
  • Save and load the result as it is, or save it as .HTML or .CSV for easy reference
  • Tools include: Probe a specified port and find a specified computer on the network
  • Works on any filesystem FAT/FAT32/NTFS

// Edition Statement //

This is the Take-Away USB Flashdisk NetScanner v1.0.1.2 Final portable full registered version. It had stopped development since 2006, but it is still a very handy useful tool sometimes, or for some guys!

// Download URLs //

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