The Definitive Guide to SQLite, 2nd Edition HD PDF

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If you want to be familiar with SQLite, then starting with The Definitive Guide to SQLite, 2nd Edition is definitely a good idea (especially for beginners, after finishing its easy-to-understand and dapper content, you will get a good harvest). And in fact, guide books with the same quality for SQLite are hardly to find out on the market.

The Definitive Guide to SQLite, 2nd Edition covers pretty extensive and comprehensive contents along with using of appropriate examples, which makes this book interesting and authoritative. This starts from the most basic knowledge of SQLite; then gradually floods in every corner – introduces how to use SQLite on each platform; as well as SQLite’s general and advanced SQL features; how various programming languages interact with SQLite; how to use SQLite in iOS and Android application developments; SQLite’s internal architecture design, etc.

BTW, in addition to beginners or senior users of SQLite, if you are just enthusiasts who are interested in SQL language and programming technology, then you can also benefit a lot from this book.

// Table Of Contents //

  • Introducing SQLite
  • Getting Started
  • SQL for SQLite
  • Advanced SQL for SQLite
  • SQLite Design and Concepts
  • The Core C API
  • The Extension C API
  • Language Extensions
  • iOS Development with SQLite
  • Android Development with SQLite
  • SQLite Internals and New Features

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