The Impossible Game for PC & Android Portable Full download

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The Impossible Game was one of the most popular small indie games on iPhone and Xbox Live platforms made by Grip Games, which is very simple but lets you just can’t stop. Here, AppNee provides its PC and Android editions for everyone.

As a famous and classic parkour style challenging game with ultra high difficulty. The Impossible Game has minimalist but very fashion graphics along with super bright and strong-rhythm game soundtracks, making players addicted.

The Impossible Game is likely to be the easiest but most difficult game in the world at present which is impossible to finish smoothly for a normal human player. Anyway, you have to fail more than hundreds of times to gradually get started, without boring! The entire game is very easy to play, just simple click or touch to control. But if want to achieve the best level scores you need continuous efforts, and any mistake could lead to a game over.

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These are the The Impossible Game v1.5.2 Portable Full registered versions for PC & Android.

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Windows 15.7 MB
Android 1.81 MB