The SAS Survival Handbook, Second Revised & Third Editions HD PDF, EPUB

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John Wiseman wrote this complete series of survival tutorial (The SAS Survival Handbook) with his own rich experience in half life time of military career. It is intended to teach people how to survive in the open air, including land, sea, desert, remote place on the earth, as well under as any bad or dire weather, environment.

About the content of this series of books I have made a brief description in the SAS Survival Handbook, 2nd Edition, so here do not repeat that once more. Instead, I will briefly introduce its author – John ‘Lofty’ Wiseman this time.

As the professional officer of royal army, John Wiseman has served in the Army Special Force for more than 16 years, and is famous for his firmness of mind, good at wilderness survival inside and outside the whole army. Therefore he took the training officer of British royal elite army SAS (Special Air Service) as his part-time job with honors. In SAS, every soldier can complete all kinds of abnormal, daunting missions anywhere in the world – that is usually the group military operation in enemy-occupied areas with the main force isolated.

AppNee provides everyone the latest SAS Survival Handbook, Third Edition (published in 2014) and its former Revised Edition (i.e. its Second Edition, came out in 2009), in HD PDF and EPUB formats. As for its first edition which was published in early 1986, we do not think it’s necessary any more.

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For lots of things in this book, if you don’t go to practice it is difficult to master, such as how to do traps, the identification of the edible or pharmaceutical plants… So the next time out in the wild, you might as well take it.

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