The Ultimate Fart Soundboard – Ultimate fart sounds collection

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The Ultimate Fart Soundboard is the second and the last very cool and funny fart sounds simulator following Fart-O-Tron, this group has up to 91 kinds of wonderful and extremely creative fart sounds. We can use all of them to recreate by ourselves or cheat others.

What surprising us is, Soundboard unexpectedly puts some fart sounds on its site – for sale, each one costs $0.99! This has become a laughingstock. Just think, we might like to hear this kind of sound just for fun or fool around with friends or passers-by, but who on earth is willing to spend money to buy home those fart sounds? After all, sometimes if we eat too many beans or have dyspepsia, then our body itself becomes a real fart machine that can produce a variety of unique fart sounds….

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