Thomas’ Calculus all books of whole series in one place

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For over 50 years, Thomas’ Calculus series of books have a new edition available averagely every four, five years. Each edition has many improvements based on previous ones, which embodies this is a teaching material full of innovation spirits. At the same time, some basic characteristics of this book have been always kept and increased, which shows that it is a textbook attaching great importance to inheritance of teaching tradition.

On selection and processing of subjects, Thomas’ Calculus series have many unique features. In particular, it extrudes mathematical application & modeling, pays attention to numerical calculation & application. In some aspects like timely introducing modern mathematics and new discipline of knowledge, it has many more wonderful places. In AppNee’s opinion, Thomas’ Calculus’s difficulty is moderate, and it focuses on applications and understanding, also is very detailed in explaining. Even, you will find that, the match of colors throughout the whole book is pretty clean and relaxed (in fact, under the dominant hue of blue, mathematics teaching & learning can really improve their efficiency).

Here, AppNee shares the HD PDF versions of Thomas’ Calculus whole series to those students who are learning higher mathematics. You know, any one book in this series is so expansive that many students can’t afford to buy it.

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Book Download Size
13th Edition
Thomas’ Calculus 58.6 MB
Thomas’ Calculus: Early Transcendentals 16.6 MB
Thomas’ Calculus: Single Variable coming n/a
Thomas’ Calculus: Multivariable coming n/a
Early Editions
Thomas’ Calculus: Including Second-order Differential Equations 34.5 MB
Thomas’ Calculus: Early Transcendentals (12th Edition) reserved n/a
Thomas’ Calculus: Early Transcendentals (6th Edition) reserved n/a
Instructor’s Solutions Manual
13th Edition (Chapter 1-11) 57.5 MB
13th Edition (Chapter 10-17) 28.2 MB
12th Edition 35.6 MB