Tickeys – Give you a fabulous typing experience

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Although not many people really touched a typewriter, we must be impressed by its unique “da da da” key pressing sound – i.e., when press any key, the typewriter will simultaneously make a crisp and sweet tapping sound, that feeling is really wonderful.

Tickeys is a cool keyboard’s keystroke sound simulation free app. In addition to the first and classic typewriter sound effect, it also added other representative sound schemes, such as: bubble, mechanical keyboard, shock wave, piano.

Now, the keyboard (especially on laptop) has become thinner and thinner with smaller and smaller, annoying sound feedback and worse hand feeling. While the fact is, if the keyboard gives some appropriate sound feedback (i.e. one type of white noises), it can really help us better focus on our work efficiently. This is particularly obvious for editing/writing workers and programmers… So, if you’re feeling bored about this, why not give it a try?

// Key Features //

  • 5 kinds of classic sound effects
  • Allows to adjust the volume and tone
  • Support automatic startup with Windows
  • Shortcut keys support

// Prompts //

  • Remember to tune up the volume, otherwise you can not hear it clearly
  • Press “qaz123” in sequence to open the settings window

// Download URLs //

VersionFor OSSize
v1.1.14.56 MB
v0.5.04.75 MB
v0.2.432-bit | 64-bit28.4 MB | 29.6 MB