Tiny Core Linux – Only 15 MB, world’s smallest GUI desktop Linux

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Tiny Core Linux (short for TCL) is a lightweight to the minimal, tiny Linux operating system with a GUI. It’s constructed based on the 3.x version of Linux kernel with BusyBox, Tiny X, FLTK and other small software, which can be booted from the CD-ROM, USB flash drive or HDD. Additionally, due to all its components running in the RAM, its running speed is super fast.

Although Tiny Core Linux is not a complete desktop system, also does not fully support all of the hardware, it can install additional applications from the online software library to enjoy the free customization and extension (including driver modules) through a variety of ways (like Cloud mode, TCE/Install mode and TCE/CopyFS mode).

If you have an old machine that still stays with installation of Windows 95 or Windows 98, running other operating systems will really like the old cow cart or just is impossible. Then you may wish to contribute to try this kind of operating system, it has ability of letting your “old cow” PC shine again.

BTW, if just want to try, it is suggested that using the Universal USB Installer to install Tiny Core Linux to your USB flash drive with ease. Then use Tiny Core Linux operating system anytime and anywhere, without having to install it in your hard disk to destroy your current system environment.

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