TinyTask – Record, playback mouse clicks and keyboard inputs

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Similar with Easy Macro Recorder, TinyTask is a minimalist and tiny (33 KB) macro recording and playback tool. It’s used to automatically control the mouse and keyboard actions, so as to complete repeated computer operations.

TinyTask is capable of fully recording the whole operation process on the computer screen (including keyboard inputs and mouse clicks), and then automatically replay each action, in order to achieve the full-automatic mouse and keyboard control, making the system constantly repeat the operations you defined automatically at a later time. In addition, TinyTask supports customizable keyboard shortcuts operations, and allows you to compile and output the recording results to a EXE file for using them without TinyTask open.

// Edition Statement //

This is the TinyTask v1.50 Final portable full version.

// Prompts //

TinyTask works well, but you should make sure that the environment at the time of playback is exactly the same as when the task was recorded. Because TinyTask itself cannot distinguish or locate windows by their title, it simply plays back the same actions that were recorded (if other programs are in the way, windows are not in the same position or shortcuts have been moved, the results can be unpredictable).

// Download URLs //

 (16.2 KB | No Homepage)