Turn Off LCD – Shut off screen display instantly with one-key

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Turn Off the LCD is a small and practical freeware, designed for turning off display quickly, applicable to both CRT and LCD/LED monitors. No installation required. The applet is especially convenient for laptop without power off button for monitor.

// Main Usage //

  • Have something to leave, to protect privacy
  • One key to lock the screen
  • Turn off your LCD/LED display monitor instantly
  • Saving energy at any time

After run, your screen will be full black, press any key to return to normal. If put Turn Off LCD on the Quick Launch toolbar or set up shortcut keys for it, you can more easily perform to turn off the display screen at anytime and anywhere, in order to save energy, protect monitor, especially protect privacy, etc.

// Download URLs //

grey Fast Link Page (v2.0.1 Final | 127 KB | No Homepage)