UDPixel – Locate and fix old LCD monitor dead pixel

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When facing a older LCD monitor, you might find one or several obtrusive dead pixels, then you can try to use UDPixel to repair!

UDPixel is a applet designed for locating and repairing stuck pixels on the LCD screen, its working principle is that through continuous LCD switch operation control to activate bad points on the LCD panel. So, if your LCD monitor is flawed, might as well try it.

// Parameters //

  • Flash size: square (flash point) size
  • Flash interval: flash frequency
  • Flash windows: deap pixels number

After running the program, drag the flash point to the stuck pixel which needs to be repaired, and the rest is waiting (this may need a long time). In many cases, the repair effect is good, but the developer does not guarantee this app’s success rate of repair. However, instead of taking you LCD to the mechanic, why not try UDPixel first? Perhaps the miracle will appear!

BTW, JScreenFix is another software solution that can fix stuck pixels, which claims can repair 80% of stuck pixels within 20 minutes. But it has the same pixel fixing algorithm with UDPixel, that’s with frequent pixel color changing to achieve the goal.

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