Ugo Tool – Create dancing stick figures

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This tool’s name “Ugo” comes from a Japan classic children’s TV show “Ugo Ugo Ruga”, it is a drawing tool that can reproduce the movement of characters. With Ugo Tool, you can taste the joy of painting back to the origin.

Ugo Tool is a fun applet which can make the words you write or the picture you draw shake up (generating a dynamic GIF animation). You can write or draw in a simple drawing board. Although it has very few functions as a drawing board, but the jitter effects made out are still very interesting and unique. Besides, Ugo Tool also allows to save your creation as GIF animation file.

As for the uses, I can think of several kinds, as follows:

  • Send Email or make a greeting card
  • Applied to the web page design, such as dynamic logo, dynamic column title and so on
  • Coax girlfriend happy, for example, draw a crushing and trembling heart or dynamic “I LOVE YOU” and send it to her for an apology

Dynamic characters are more striking than the static texts, and more attractive, makes us feel like watching cartoons.

// Tips //

There are 5 samples in the folder, you can open them and have a look.

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