UltraExplorer – Advanced Windows Explorer alternative

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UltraExplorer – Advanced Windows Explorer alternative

Perhaps you have tried a variety of alternative applications to the Windows Explorer, such as tabbyFile, Xplorer2 Pro, XYplorer, One Cat File Manager, A43 File Management Utility and so on, but there is still one you can’t miss, that is UltraExplorer, after trying this one, i guess you won’t want to try other similar softwares any more.

UltraExplorer is a free file manager which has all the features of Windows Explorer, without other extraneous functions, so it’s a very single-minded file Explorer. But this does not mean that it is not powerful enough, to play a parable, UltraExplorer and the Opera browser play the same role – small but with all features what you need, it can greatly improve the operation efficiency after slightly settings.

UltraExplorer – Advanced Windows Explorer alternative

// Key Features //

If you are a fan of the Opera, it should be easy to find some common points between them:

  • Completely customizable user interface
  • Temporary files container
  • Windows Vista/7 style address bar
  • User definable shortcut keys
  • Mouse gestures
  • One-key to copy file path
  • · Classic Treeview/Listview layout
  • Multiple-tag design
  • 17 themes to choose from
  • Add applications as toolbar icons
  • Supports Total Commander Lister Plug-ins
  • and more

// Download URLs //

UltraExplorer – Advanced Windows Explorer alternative (v2.0.3.1 Final | No Homepage)