[v17.04] UltraSurf – One of the world’s most popular Internet circumvention tools

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UltraSurf (AKA: 無界瀏覽) is one of the world’s most popular free anti-censorship and pro-privacy applications, developed by UltraReach Internet Corporation in 2002. It was originally created to help internet users in Mainland China (where the Internet is heavily censored and Internet users’ activities are monitored by the Great Firewall of China) bypass internet censorship and protect their online security & anonymity. After that, it became popular in many countries with Internet blockade due to its good usability, fast running speed and unlimited network traffic.

UltraSurf realizes the completely transparent, real-time, encrypted, and automated network proxying based on IE, supports almost all functions based on HTTP for using the international Internet. The use of encrypted data transmission, dynamic address search, and other key techniques makes the information processed by UltraSurf is very difficult to recognize, filter or block. That’s enough to break through any traditional Internet filtering and censorship mechanism to achieve a transparent access to the remote information, so that the users behind UltraSurf are able to freely browse any websites on the Internet.

UltraSurf is able to automatically search and coordinate the proxy server resources from all over the world for use in the background, and during the whole process all browsing content has super high-strength of encryption (surpassing the safety standards for network transmission of international finance). Plus, UltraSurf supports both auto-detect proxy and manual proxy settings, allows users to search proxy servers according to need in use at any time, and deletes the cookies and browser history when it is closed.

In brief, UltraSurf and many other circumvention tools have the same purpose – enabling Internet users to access and share information freely. Fortunately, the technology used by UltraSurf is extremely resilient and adaptable in the face of the increasingly advanced censorship techniques and aggressive blocking attempts from many countries.

// Key Features //

  • Circumvent internet censorship
  • Encrypt online communications
  • Hide your IP from websites visited
  • No installation or configuration required
  • Fast page loads
  • Easy to use

// Warning //

  • On December 1, 2011, WikiLeaks website published 287 documents (called Spy File), involving the global monitoring and surveillance industries across 25 countries and regions, including the marketing materials, prices list and products catalog of these digital surveillance companies. UltraReach Internet Corp. ranked among them. The censorship circumvention software ‘UltraSurf’ developed by this company was accused of monitoring user information
  • The Refets company from France said, “UltraSurf” contains spyware and trojans, which are used to help the government perform censorship
  • Mcafee anti-virus software used to detect that “Ultraurf” contained a Trojan
  • Some authoritative and technical departments took both static and dynamic analysis to “UltraSurf”, and found that this software came with some risky behaviors like releasing suspicious files and/or creating suspicious processes

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UltraSurf Windows Client
FreewareLatest[v17.04] UltraSurf – One of the world's most popular Internet circumvention toolsn/a
v17.04[v17.04] UltraSurf – One of the world's most popular Internet circumvention tools2.93 MB
UltraSurf Chrome Extension
FreewareLatest[v17.04] UltraSurf – One of the world's most popular Internet circumvention toolsn/a
UltraSurf Android VPN
FreewareLatest[v17.04] UltraSurf – One of the world's most popular Internet circumvention toolsn/a