[v2017.2.0] Unity – Currently most popular multi-platform 3D/2D games universal IDE

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Unity (AKA: Unity3D/Unity2D, U3D for short) is currently the most popular multi-platform free game engine developed by Unity Technologies from Denmark (mainly written in C, C++ and C#, and first released in 2005). Users with C# and JavaScript programming experience can get started more quickly.

As a cross-platform and highly integrated game developing tool (i.e.: a comprehensive integration of professional game engine) that is similar to Adobe Director, Blender, Virtools or Torque Game Builder and so on interactive game development environments, Unity is designed to be a easy to use product right from the start. With it, users can easily create many types of interactive contents such as 3D video game, architectural visualization, real-time 3D animation, and more. In addition to the advantages of simple and user-friendly UI design, Unity’s features also include integrated visual editor, cross-platform release (allows you to quickly publish your game works to Windows, Mac OS X, Wii, XBOX, PlayStation, Android, iPhone, iOS, Windows Phone, WebGL, and many other platforms), terrain editor, shader, script editor, version control, and so on.

At last, if let me choose a more promising 3D & 2D game engine for mobile game, web game, console game and PC game development, I’d like to turn to Unity, rather than the similarly famous game engine GameMaker Studio which is more good at 2D game developing. Need to remind everyone, of course, Unity is not restricted to the development of 2D/3D games. In fact, it also can be used to produce fine 3D animation and so on many other types of interactive contents!

// Pro Edition Features //

  • Accelerator Pack: Free
  • All Engine Features
  • All Platforms
  • Continuous Updates
  • Royalty Free
  • Splash Screen: Custom Animation or None
  • Revenue Capacity: Unlimited
  • Unity Cloud Build: Concurrent Builds
  • Unity Analytics: Pro Analytics
  • Unity Multiplayer: 200 Concurrent Users
  • Unity In-App Purchase
  • Unity Ads
  • Beta Access
  • Pro Editor UI Skin
  • Performance Reporting
  • Flexible Seat Management
  • Asset Kits: 40% off
  • Unity Certification Courseware: 3 month access
  • Source Code Access
  • Premium Support

// Official Demo Video //

// System Requirements //

  • Microsoft .NET Framework 4.0+

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Unity Pro Edition multilingual offline installers, v4.x.x, v5.x.x, v2017.x.x universal unlock patch (Unity Pro Universal Patcher, AKA: UniPatcher, made by dugdiamond), as well as the respective unlocked file (Unity.exe) & all versions universal license file (Unity_v5.x.ulf, Unity_lic.ulf), or specific activator for Windows 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

for Specific Activator:

  1. Download and install Unity, run it once and exit
  2. Copy the specific activator to Unity path, like: “D:\Program Files\Unity\Editor
  3. Run this specific activator as administrator
  4. Start Unity, click ‘Work offline
  5. That’s all

for Unlocked Files & Universal License File:

  1. Download and install Unity
  2. Copy the unlocked file (Unity.exe) to installation directory (like “D:\Program Files\Unity\Editor“) and overwrite
  3. Copy the Unity all versions universal license file (Unity_v5.x.ulf) to two folders (“D:\Program Files\Unity\Editor“, “C:\ProgramData\Unity“) and overwrite
  4. All done, enjoy!

for Universal Unlock Patch:

  1. Download and install Unity
  2. Run Unity Pro Universal Patcher as administrator
  3. Click ‘Browse‘ to locate your Unity installation directory, like “D:\Program Files\Unity\Editor
  4. Click the big ‘Patch‘ button and wait
  5. Click ‘Yes‘ to replace the original license file (C:\ProgramData\Unity\Unity_lic.ulf) – this step depends
  6. Done, joy!

// Prompts //

  • Unity has no nothing to do with the UI based on GNOME desktop environment that mainly used on Ubuntu Linux with the same name.
  • We suggest you choose the ‘Work offline’ mode when first open Unity

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// Download URLs //

Official Web Installer
Personal Edition (free)Latest[v2017.2.0] Unity – Currently most popular multi-platform 3D/2D games universal IDEn/a
Official Offline Installer
Pro Edition (commercial)v5.3.3f1reservedn/a
v5.6.1f1[v2017.2.0] Unity – Currently most popular multi-platform 3D/2D games universal IDE (mir)498 MB
v2017.1.0f3[v2017.2.0] Unity – Currently most popular multi-platform 3D/2D games universal IDE519 MB
v2017.2.0f3[v2017.2.0] Unity – Currently most popular multi-platform 3D/2D games universal IDE489 MB
Universal Unlock Patch (Unity Pro Universal Patcher/UniPatcher)
for Unity v5.3.0 and lowerv2.0.453.9 KB
for Unity v4.x.x, v5.x.x, v2017.x.xv2017.154.2 KB
v2017.453.9 KB
v2017.554.0 KB
v2017.655.7 KB
Unlocked File (Unity.exe) & Universal License File (Unity_lic.ulf)
Pro Editionv5.5.0p3reservedn/a
v5.6.1f121.2 MB
v2017.1.0f324.4 MB
v2017.2.0f324.3 MB
Specific Activator
Pro Editionv5.6.1f121.2 MB
v2017.1.0f324.4 MB
v2017.2.0f324.3 MB