Universal Principles of Design, 1st & 2nd Editions HD PDF

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Since the first edition of Universal Principles of Design published in 2003, it has been trusted by millions of readers from 30+ countries around the world. Its second edition (published in 2010) made a large amount of enrichment and modification to the content of first edition, and added 25 new rules.

As a classic across all industries’ design field, Universal Principles of Design uses clear and straightforward language to explain the design concepts, and equips with diagram examples for applying theory to practice. Designers can quickly absorb the valuable experience from these 125 pieces of universal principles, so as to avoid fatal errors, and to open more and better communication & creativity.

There is no doubt that, Universal Principles of Design can be regarded as a necessary reference book and practical bible for designers, engineers, architects, and students who are learning to design. Any reader can understand the design tricks well through this book, and then develop the vision and ability to estimate what a good design is and why it is.

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