[v3.52.03] V-Ray for Maya Full Installers, Unlocked Files AIO

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V-Ray is a series of professional rendering plugins/standalone apps developed by Chaos Group company. Of which, V-Ray for Maya provides high-quality graphics and animation rendering capabilities for the excellent 3D modeling software Maya. Beyond that, V-Ray also can be run as a separate renderer, which is convenient for users to render various images.

The biggest improvement of V-Ray for Maya 3.3 is its running speed. The rendering speed of most scenes was promoted by 20-50%. In addition, this version also introduced the final frame production GPU rendering feature, which is a major update of V-Ray RT in Maya. As to V-Ray for Maya 3.4, it came with more powerful new features. And more.

This is a collection type of post intended to collect and share the official full installers and working unlocked DLL files of V-Ray for Maya. These resources cover all versions of V-Ray for Maya on Windows 64-bit.

// System Requirements //

  • Windows 64-bit only

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the V-Ray for Maya multilingual full installers and unlocked files for Windows 64-bit only.

// Installation Notes //

for v3.52.03:

  1. Download and install vray_adv_35203_maya201x_x64.exe
  2. Copy the unlocked file ‘vrayformaya.mll‘ to “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya201x\vray\plug-ins” and overwrite
  3. Load V-Ray plugin in Maya’s “Plug-in Manager” menu (Windows -> Settings/Preferences -> Plug-in Manager
  4. Done, enjoy!

for v3.40.05:

  1. First of all, exit Maya 2016
  2. Download and install vray_adv_34005_maya2016_x64.exe
  3. Copy the unlocked file ‘BS_VRAY.mll‘ to “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2016\vray\plug-ins\” and overwrite
  4. Copy the unlocked file ‘BlackStorm.dll‘ to “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2016\bin” and overwrite
  5. Copy the unlocked file ‘cgauth.dll‘ to “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2016\vray\bin” and overwrite
  6. Run ‘setvrlservice.exe‘ under “C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya2016\vray\bin\”
  7. Set all values of ‘License server‘ and ‘Connection port‘ fields to ‘0’, click ‘OK’
  8. Run Maya 2016
  9. Open the ‘Plug-in Manager’ and load all plugins
  10. Restart Maya 2016, all done!

for v3.30.01:

  • See the ‘notes.txt’ file for details.

for v3.10.01 and lower:

  1. Install vray_adv_31001_maya20xx_x64.exe
  2. Copy all contents of ‘Unlocked Files’ folder, and paste them to your Maya’s root folder and replace existing folders (eg:- C:\Program Files\Autodesk\Maya20xx\)
  3. Run Maya, load plugin from your “Plug-in Manager”, that’s it!

// Download URLs //

Version Support For (64-bit only) Download Size
  • V-Ray for Maya 2016
  • V-Ray for Maya 2016.5
  • V-Ray for Maya 2017
  • 429 MB
  • 429 MB
  • 444 MB
v3.40.05 V-Ray for Maya 2016 181 MB
v3.30.01 V-Ray for Maya 2015 403 MB
V-Ray for Maya 2016 390 MB
v3.10.01 V-Ray for Maya 2014 137 MB
V-Ray for Maya 2015 146 MB
V-Ray for Maya 2016 144 MB
  • V-Ray for Maya 2014
  • V-Ray for Maya 2015
  • V-Ray for Maya 2014
  • V-Ray for Maya 2015

(V-Ray | Chaos Software)