[v24.00] UltraEdit – World’s recognized best text/code editor

IDM Computer Solution‘s UltraEdit claims to be the #1 and simply the world’s best text editor in the world. Actually this’s relative, just as a lot of reviews for some great software you can see in AppNee – most of which depend on personal use experience and habits. Anyhow, we can’t deny that UltraEdit is really powerful.

As a super powerful text/code editor being capable of meeting all your needs on text editing, UltraEdit can skillfully handle text, hexadecimal, ASCII…, and replace Windows Notepad completely. It has built-in English words spellcheck, supports C++ and VB instructions highlighting, allows to edit multiple files at the same time, and even be able to open a very big file quickly. It supports displaying HTML tags in color, searching/replacing and the super cool unlimited restore functionality. Besides, for software cracking lovers, it is usually used to modify the executable files like EXE or DLL.

// Feature Highlights //

  • Syntax highlighting for nearly any coding language
  • Editor themes
  • Layouts
  • Integrated FTP client
  • Integrated file compare utility
  • Powerful find and replace
  • Find and replace in files
  • File and project explorer
  • Smart templates
  • XML manager
  • Function listing
  • Column mode / block editing
  • XML / HTML tag highlighting
  • HTML tools
  • Macros and scripting
  • SSH / Telnet
  • Blazingly fast large file handling
  • Powerful text and file sorting
  • Status bar

// Alternative To //

UltraEdit can serve as various types of development environment, such as:

// Suitable For //

UltraEdit can meet sorts of needs from types of users:

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides you the UltraEdit full installers, v21.x, v22.x, v23.x and v24.x universal keymaker & patch, as well as the UltraEdit multilingual portable full registered versions for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

only take the latest version for example:

  1. Download and install UltraEdit from official site (or extract the portable version)
  2. Run “Universal Keymaker & Patch” and click “Path Host File” button, or add the following lines to your hosts file (C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc) manually:
    • licensing.ultraedit.com
    • licensing2.ultraedit.com
  3. Launch UltraEdit, enter “Support/Enter license key“, and casually input any set of ‘License ID‘ & ‘Password‘ (only number allowed), then click “Activate
  4. Wait a few seconds, it would say “Connection Error” (if not for you, disable your Internet connection now, and try again), click “Offline Activation
  5. Now, do as the screenshot shown below to generate the “Authorization Code” by yourself
  6. Done, enjoy!

*** Make sure the ‘License ID‘ & ‘Password‘ you use are the same from beginning to end, otherwise, the activation will fail, you have to do it again.

// Related Links //

// Download URLs //

Official Setup Version:

Version Official Installer Official Portable Universal Keymaker
Latest  (v3.6)

Portable Full Version:

Version 32-bit 64-bit
v24.00  (33.9 MB)  (37.0 MB)
v23.20  (33.7 MB)  (36.7 MB)
v23.10  (37.8 MB)  (40.8 MB)
v23.00  (37.8 MB)  (40.9 MB)
v22.20 reserved reserved
v21.30 reserved reserved
for Windows XP
v14.20  (8.96 MB)


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