ViDown FLV Downloader – Excellent streaming video downloader, joiner and converter

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Given the fluency of watching video on some video upload/share websites (which depends on the bandwidth limit of yourself or the websites) and the user’s like to some video, some times we may want to be able to download and collect them for enjoyment in the future.

ViDown FLV Downloader is a free lightweight and handy online video sniffer and downloader from China. It’s specially designed for automatically sniffing, parsing (the hidden real address) and then downloading the online streaming video on many popular large video sharing/playing websites.

With help of its original smart analysis and downloading techniques, we don’t have to find video file link from the web page source code, do not need to look for the cached video file after watching… As long as there is the address of video playing page, then you can download and save your favorite video (supports multiple video quality: 1080p, 720p, 480p, 360p, 240p) with easy (just drag the address to ViDown FLV Downloader’s DropZone icon). Moreover, we can even download some entire episodes!

Besides, ViDown FLV Downloader also provides the important capability of merging that is used to automatically join the multiple downloaded video clips into a complete one. Again, it integrates an automatic format conversion function and other convenient relevant features such as video playback.

Obviously, due to the region pertinency, there are only a few international video websites (such as YouTube, Vimeo, Twitch, Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest) in its 200+ supported video websites list. But AppNee realized that, in fact, most of time only the support of YouTube is enough, isn’t it? And the better place of ViDown FLV Downloader is, after several years of testing and using, it has been proved that it’s much smarter and more powerful, efficient than many so-called YouTube Video downloaders.

// System Requirements //

*** Or it will prompt errors every time you exit ViDown FLV Downloader.

// Edition Statement //

You can choose either to use the official setup version or to use the ViDown FLV Downloader portable version with ads removed made by AppNee.

// Tips //

For any online video playing address, just drag and drop it onto the ViDown FLV Downloader’s float icon to start download the video with ease.

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