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Virtua Cop 2 (Virtua Squad 2) is one of the most classic series of shooting games produced by SEGA company from Japan, had long ranked the first place in arcade game charts. Even after transplanted into PC, it was also one of the most popular FPS games at that time.

Virtua Cop 2’s simple operation, excellent acousto-optic performance as well as the tense and oppressed shooting pleasure, all of which make this game become a popular shooting game for a time after releasing, get the favors of all players. Moreover, Virtua Cop 2 supports a very large difficulty adjusting scope, in order to satisfy adepts and rookies.

For myself, the first time playing the game was in a game room many years ago when I was a student; then the OS was Windows 98 when I played it on my computer first time. But even now playing Virtua Cop 2 on Windows 8.1, I can still find pleasure in it.

BTW, for the later released one of Virtua Cop series: Virtua Cop: Elite Edition, we can see it as an integration and upgrade edition of Virtua Cop 1&2.

// Fan Made Demo Video //

// Cheat Codes //

  1. First, open file “Vcop2.ini”, find this line “[GameSetting]”, add a new line below: Extra=2, then Save and Exit.
  2. Run game, press F6, then you will see two new options: “Special” and “Cheat”, choose as you need.


  • SingleClickReload
  • RandomMode (Enemy placement is randomized)
  • MirrorMode (Horizontally reverse game screen)
  • BigHeadMode (Enemy has a bigger head)


  • AutoReload
  • WeaponSelect (Select the desired weapons in game)
  • WeaponSelect (Special) (Can choose special weapons in game)

Unlimitedly Continue:

  • Change the “Continue=5” to “Continue=10” in the “[GameSetting]”, then Save and Exit.

Hidden levels:

  • Ostensibly, Virtua Cop 2 only has 3 big levels. In deed, if you can pass through the first three levels at a high score, then the hidden level will appear – a level only with BOSSes.

// Prompts //

  • Alt + Enter – Switch between the full screen and window modes

// Download URLs //

Type Download Size
Normal Portable 8.65 MB
Single Portable 8.72 MB

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