VirtuaNES – Best FC/NES/FDS emulator for Windows

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VirtuaNES is an open source, very powerful video game emulator for Family Computer (Famicom/FC) / Nintendo Entertainment System (NES) / Famicom Disk System (FDS), programmed by Norix from Japan.

VirtuaNES is the best, most popular and must-have FC emulator for Windows users, with which we can play all the game ROMs designed for NES/FC/FDS console on our computer. It’s completely compatible with .nes, .fds and .nsf ROM file formats.

BTW, there was a revision version called ‘VirtuaNesex TPU’ ever, which had been integrated into VirtuaNES from v0.93, and the latest version is v0.97.

// Key Features //

  • Game replays support
  • Golden finger enabled
  • Scroll viewer and layer viewer
  • Key press display
  • Fast forward/slow play
  • Replays AVI converter
  • Support network play
  • Actual ratio and Pseudo TV modes equipped
  • Can be displayed in the TV frame
  • Maybe complete MMC5
  • Language plug-in enabled
  • IPS patch support
  • Great reproducibility of sound
  • …. and more!

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