[v3.9.6] Vistanita Duplicate Finder – Very fast true duplicate files finding tool

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Vistanita Duplicate Finder is an excellent duplicate files searching and deleting tiny app. It can help us quickly and accurately remove all kinds of duplicate files from hard drive in batch, so as to effectively release hard disk space and improve computer performance to some extent.

Notes about Vistanita Duplicate Finder:

  1. Vistanita Duplicate Finder is an old and discontinued app released in 2009, but it is still known as the king among similar software
  2. At first, AppNee planned to release Fast Duplicate File Finder according to users’ requests. But after comparing it with several other similar tools, we were positively sure that it is not worth to do so for us

After fast scanning all files in locations user specified, Vistanita Duplicate Finder can automatically perform duplicate files searching tasks such as data collection and content comparison. Although the whole process is complicated, its execution speed is very fast. Usually, that only takes a few seconds to find all duplicate files out in specified area. Again, the standard it uses to determine a file is duplicate or not is very practical, for example: to find duplicate images by comparing images’ visual similarity. This may be a bit slower, but the result is more accurate, only a few mistakes.

Proof by test and comparison, Vistanita Duplicate Finder is still the best duplicate files finder among many other software like DoublesFinder, Fast Duplicate File Finder, Duplicate Cleaner, Duplicate File Detector, etc.

// 4 Major Applications //

  • Find and delete true duplicate files
  • Find and delete duplicate music files
  • Find and delete duplicate pictures/photos
  • Find and delete files with similar names

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the Vistanita Duplicate Finder multilingual portable full registered version for Windows 32-bit & 64-bit.

// Download URLs //

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v3.9.6 Final 1.02 MB

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