ViStart 7 – Simulate Windows 7 start menu

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ViStart 7 – Simulate Windows 7 start menu

As everyone knows, the start menu of Windows 7 or Vista of has a quite beautiful semi-transparent effect, and has the practical embedded search function.

Now with ViStart, even under Windows XP, we can also have a start menu as gorgeous as Win7! In additon, it also contains the powerful real-time program search and file search function.

BTW, if used together with ViGlance, then you will be able to get a more perfect simulation for Windows 7 effect!

ViStart 7 – Simulate Windows 7 start menu

// Key Features //

  • Launch Programs faster then ever before
  • Find files faster than Windows 7
  • Windows 7 Skin + Even more customization
  • Fading Menu Icons and new Ultra Blur feature
  • Multiple languages support

// Warning //

This is an ad-supported application, so please do pay attention while installing!

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