WebEx Recording Editor – Commercial-grade screen recorder with best performance & tiny file size

WebEx Recording Editor (formerly called WebEx Recorder and Player) is a little-known but extremely excellent commercial-grade, high-quality free screen action recording tool. It can record full-screen or specified window, allows to set whether to contain the sound or not. In particular, the size of recording file generated by WebEx Recording Editor is almost the smallest with unexpectedly clear and smooth playing effect (basically lossless). Moreover, the whole recording process only takes up very little system resource.

WebEx Recording Editor is not just a standalone application specially designed for individuals. In fact, it is a small tool released as one of the built-in components in the complete business solution Cisco WebEx Meeting Center. It is so pretty excellent in the aspects of efficiency and stability that can be regarded as the only one with best performance among any known screen recording software at present. For example, use WebEx Recording Editor to record the full screen along with audio/voice for 1 hour, the size of generated file is only about 25 MB. And in this process, the computer still works smoothly without any delay. Again, as a matter of fact, many large companies such as Microsoft, SAP also use WebEx platform to make and publish their network lectures; As another example, using Wink to record the screen for too long time will occupy too much system resource so that gets a “Not Responding” result, but for WebEx, this problem does not exist.

When recording is completed, in addition to being able to play the recorded video directly, you can also use the ‘Editor’ to open the video to perform further processing. This includes deleting the unnecessary parts; re-recording some parts (to correct original errors); converting it to WMV video file format for convenient sharing.

// Built-in Tools //

WebEx Recording Editor WebEx Recorder and Player
  • WebEx Recorder
  • WebEx Player
  • WebEx (Recording) Editor
  • WebEx Recorder
  • WebEx Player

// Tips //

  • Use “Ctrl + Alt + P” to stop/continue; use “Ctrl + Alt + S” to end recording. If need to insert bookmark, so as to facilitate subsequent editing, you can use “Ctrl + Alt + M”
  • Notes: Using the ‘Editor’ to open file and convert video file format takes a long time; And the video size increases and video quality reduces when it’s converted to WMV format
  • In general, in order to reduce the file size, you should only select the demonstrating application as target (such as PPT, SAP). If the demonstration involves more than one program, then you can choose to record the whole desktop instead (i.e.: full screen)

// Prompts //

  • WebEx generates 3 shortcuts after installation, including player, recorder, and editor. But this is not to say it has 3 standalone apps. In earlier versions, player, recorder and editor are actually correspond to the same main program (just in later versions, the editor was separated out), they just use different parameter:
    • “D:\program files\WebEx\atauthor.exe” -PLAYER
    • “D:\program files\WebEx\atauthor.exe”
    • “D:\program files\WebEx\atauthor.exe” -EDITOR
  • But please note that: the recorded video format is .WRF – an exclusive file format. Namely, others have to install WebEx Recording Editor first when they want to play the video you made. And, if you want to upload it to some online video website, you need to use the editor to convert it to WMV format first

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// Download URLs //

Edition Version Download Size
WebEx Recording Editor v31.11.2 5.74 MB
v30.10.0 reserved n/a
v29.3.0 reserved n/a
v2.9.1109 reserved n/a
v2.4 3.18 MB
WebEx Recorder and Player v3.17.2109 2.98 MB
v31.11.2 4.30 MB


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