WebP Codec for Windows – View and use WebP format of images natively

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WebP is a new modern image format that supports both lossy and lossless compression launched by Google for Web use. In the same quality, it has much smaller file size than JPEG and PNG formats of images. If all goes well, WebP could soon become the new standard of Web images.

WebP Codec for Windows is a free codec component constructed using libvpx library providing WebP support for Windows XP and higher OS. Now it contains only the decoder, a future version will support both encoding & decoding, and increase the metadata support.

In simple terms, the purpose of WebP Codec for Window is to enable Windows Photo Viewer and any other apps supporting WIC (Windows Imaging Component) to get support for WebP image format. That means from now on, you can use Windows Photo Viewer to open, view and use Google’s WebP (.webp) format of images directly (including preview the WebP thumbnails in Windows Explorer), do not need any additional apps to assist this any more.

BTW, AppNee will make a tiny app based on WebP official image format converting program to convert any purposes of web and local PNG/JPG formats of images used by AppNee to WebP format with one-click. In order to save much more storage space and bandwidth cost.

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