WinUtilities Pro – Award-winning system optimizing toolbox

Any OS used for a long time will generate a lot of junk files, system errors and obvious loss on performance. At this time, we need turn to some professional cleaning, optimizing tools to improve the performance and stability of computer.

WinUtilities Pro is an award-winning tools set for Windows performance optimization (contains more than 20 separately independent small apps). The functions they provide include: disk cleanup, registry cleanup/backup, autorun programs management, memory optimization, duplicate files scan, shortcuts repair, process management, software uninstall, system information viewing, file splitting/merging/deleting, executable file encryption, parental control, Windows built-in tools calling, and many other functions.

At first, AppNee was not optimistic about the future of WinUtilities Pro at all. But after repeated testing, we found that, at least its junk files cleaning function is much powerful than CCleaner Pro! That’s to say, even after cleaning C:\ using CCleaner, you can still use WinUtilities Pro to free more space on C drive.

// Pro Edition Key Features //

  • Basic PC Maintenance Modules
  • Enhanced 1-Click Maintenance
  • Enhanced Disk Cleaner
  • Enhanced Registry Cleaner
  • Enhanced Disk Defrag
  • Enhanced Registry Defrag
  • Enhanced Duplicate File Finder
  • Enhanced File Recovery Utility
  • AutoCare Settings
  • Deep Clean and Fix

// Universal Registration Keys //

License Name License Code
  • WYMWDMM1DAE6D0887375CE0XWCG7LxJJbpOI9eNQZjSEuiNCKhsGO-lifetime
  • WYMWDMM7EFC5F5270B792E9XWCG7LxJJbpOI9eNQZjSEuiNCKhsGO-lifetime
  • WYMWDMM9446898259293A5AXWCG7LxJJbpOI9eNQZjSEuiNCKhsGO-lifetime

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides the WinUtilities Professional Edition multilingual v13.xx universal registration keys for Windows 32-bit and 64-bit.

// Installation Notes //

  1. Download and install WinUtilities Professional Edition from official site
  2. Use one registration code above to register
  3. Done!

// Download URLs //

License Version Download
Free Edition Latest
Professional Edition Latest


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