Wireless Network Watcher – Check who are using your wireless/wired network

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Two possible situations make you want to take a look at the users information in your local area network (LAN):

  1. The speed of Internet connection becomes slower and slower, and it was no use giving many tries like modifying DNS, optimizing network
  2. To check whether there is a potential attacker

This time, we can use Wireless Network Watcher – a tiny and free local wireless/wired network connection scanner & viewer from NirSoft.

Wireless Network Watcher is capable of scanning and listing all network devices connecting to your wireless or wired LAN, including smartphones, computers, tablets, printers, game consoles, etc. (both wired and wireless), and displaying their information in detail, including IP address, MAC address, the company that manufactured the network adapter, computer name, etc. Besides, it also allows to automatically scan the LAN to find devices new joined the network at regular intervals in the background, and then to give prompts via popup or sound.

Of course, now network routers allow to see the full list of all connected clients in their admin console, but that always requires you to use the password to login first, and in the admin console you can only see the clients’ IP address and MAC address, no other info. That means if there are many network devices connecting to your LAN, it is difficult to distinguish them all clearly. This case, one advantage of Wireless Network Watcher is it can extra show you their manufacturer information and more, which does make things much easier.

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  • Wireless Network Watcher can easily show you the new/true access address (such as: of router with modified default value ( or

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