Wolfram – HD remake of Wolfenstein 3D

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Wolfram (AKA: Wolfenstein 3D Remake) is a modern HD remade edition of the classic DOS game Wolfenstein 3D, which was developed by John Carmack from id Software in 1992, and treated as the first game work of First Person Shooter (certainly, as early as 1973, the Maze War born in NASA‘s PDS-1 computer is the only real originator). It was made by Chain Studios from Russia using the Volatile3D II game engine in 2012, released for free.

Over 10 years, Wolfenstein 3D experienced many times of remakes on all kinds of video game consoles. On Windows, under the premise of keeping the original classic gameplay, Wolfram not only gets significantly strengthened in the aspects of game graphics and sound effects (e.g.: replaced the original pixelated sprite graphics, and adopted per-pixel lighting and shadows, ragdoll physics, real 3D environment…), but also introduces achievement system and many other original innovations. All of these can make Wolfenstein 3D’s fan players feel pleasantly surprised!

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v1.1 Final 189 MB

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