WOW MUGEN – Only Fan-made VS game related to WOW

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WOW MUGEN (short for World Of Warcraft M.U.G.E.N) is a free simply designed small fighting game developed by a fan player from China using the 2D fighting game engine M.U.G.E.N.

WOW Mugen is not actually based on the characters and scenes in WOW (just joined two classic roles in World of Warcraft: Human Paladin and Orc Warrior), and has only a total of 10 playable characters. But the biggest advantage is this game supports as many as 9 game modes: Arcade, VS mode, Team Arcade, Team VS, Team CO-OP, Survival, Survival CO-OP, Training, Watch. Besides, it contains many gameplay settings, inlcuding 8 levels of difficulty and characters’ combo skills system.

The character models are known very well by us and a bit coarse, but the fighting skills and action design look elegant. Anyway, players who like both WOW and VS video games should experience this alternative of fighting games.

BTW, player is suggested that to practice and get familiar with the character skills in training mode before challenging the computer.

// Auxiliary Functions //

  • Space – Return to the initial state
  • F1 – Enemy killed
  • F2 – Both play and enemy’s HP become to 1
  • F3 – Max Power
  • F4 – Resume
  • F5 – Time is out

// Download URLs //

Download Size
43.1 MB

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