XnView – Very popular cross-platform and free image viewer

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About the third-party image browser in our PC, a lot of us may know the ACDSee, although it is really very strong, unfortunately, it not only costs too much, but also is too big with not many functions, and the key point is that we do not have to use it to view pictures. Because some other app is free for use and even more powerful than ACDSee.

XnView is a very good picture viewer, as good if not better than ACDSee. The software itself supports more than 100 kinds of image formats, after installing of plugins, it can support nearly 500 types. It supports no matter what formats you know (including movies, MP3) and you don’t know. It is free of charge for private non-commercial, educational use and non-profit organization.

In addition to the general functions of viewing, browsing, slide show displaying, XnView also bring a variety of filters with it, convenient for editing and modification; file formats batch conversion; create thumbnails and produce a web page, besides, you can also make your own GIFs with it. Furthermore, XnView also supports the TAB browsing, this allows us to open multiple pictures just like opening multiple web pages in the Firefox, I personally like this function very much.

// Key Features //

  • Open pictures very fast
  • Full-featured ready, and very practical
  • Almost does not take up any resources
  • Simple but beautiful interface, support customizable skins
  • Has the “right-click to preview” function (through the incidental XnShellEx.exe to install)
  • Small (only takes a little space, compared with ACDSee)
  • Support multiple languages
  • Freeware

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Edition Version Download Size
Minimal version Latest for Windows Fast Link Page n/a
Standard version for Windows Fast Link Page n/a
Extended version for Windows Fast Link Page n/a
Enhanced version (XnView MP) Window: x86, x64 | Mac OS X | Linux: x86, x64 n/a