XP SysPad – XP system applets all-in-one

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XPSysPad is a very practical and interesting toolkit, it has almost got all the default small programs of Microsoft operation system (especially for xp) together, according to the official says the total number of contained applets is over 250 now!

It is well known that Microsoft XP system contains all kinds of compact and useful utilities, and these softwares are even more excellent than many other third-party softwares, after all, who could understand the system better than Microsoft itself?

But in general these applications are scattered in different parts of the system, and most of them need us to manually type the commands to call out. However, when we have XP SysPad in hand, everything is not a problem.

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Although XP SysPad is designed specially for Windows XP platform, but I found that it could also work normally under Windwos 7, if you are somewhat interested it, why not give a try!

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