YoWindow – Let realistic dynamic weather forecast live on your PC

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YoWindow is a new generation of desktop weather forecast program + screensaver from Russia. What it shows us is a beautiful and harmonious landscape, and changes in the landscapes reflect the weather changes in your location. That means you can see the cloud, rain, snow, fog, thunderstorm and other weather effects in our real life.

YoWindow can automatically and accurately identify each user’s different area, that almost covers all scales of cities around the whole world (now the number of optional cities has been up to 100,000+). So, for people who make frequent business trips or travel around the world, it also has two convenient features at least:

  • Allows you to add multiple cities, and then learn the detailed weather conditions in different cities through rapid switch
  • Look up the past and coming 7+ days of weather map/history

So, from now on, every day sitting in front of computer, as long as we have a look at YoWindow, we can get the quite comprehensive and accurate weather information (including real-time temperature changed over time, lighting conditions, air pressure, and even the sun position, the phase of moon, the positions of sunrise and sunset, etc.), and don’t have to listen to the weather forecast in the TV catching time or go outside to see the sky by yourself!

// Key Features //

  • Automatic recognition of 100,000+ cities around the world
  • Picture reflecting actual weather – clouds, rain/snow, grass swaying with the wind, fog, thunderstorms
  • True astronomical calculations – Sun and Moon, daylight
  • Move in time! Watch the weather forecast exactly at the moment you need it
  • Seasons change in sync with nature
  • Animated landscapes – Village, Seaside, Airport, Oriental plus 1400+ picture based landscapes
  • Full featured weather station – lots of information
  • Surprises 🙂

// System Requirements //

// Official Demo Video //

// Edition Statement //

AppNee provides you with the YoWindow Unlimited Edition multilingual portable full registered versions for Windows.

Edition ComparisonFreeUnlimited
Weather Forecast3 days only6 – 9 days
Animated Landscapes Available1 (Village)4 (Village, Seaside, Airport,Oriental)

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